Go Fast Pull Up - The Jimmy Levan Story BLURAY


The long awaited "Go Fast Pull Up" The Jimmy Levan Story.

Running time: 105 minutes
“Go Fast Pull Up” comes with a square 8″x8″ 76-page high quality printed book. The cover features matte lamination with a spot gloss pass. The inside back cover has a specially designed pocket which holds the disc. Includes a sticker pack from Props, Dig and Vans.

Bonus Sections
Lost UGP Spaceship ad
Rescuing the eMac
Chase Hawk fake ID
Todd Lyons outtakes
Britt Walford crutches story
Seth advertisements
Susie speed racer
Teaser trailer
Full length trailer
Metal “Faded Glory” full video *Bluray only
Metal “Dead Bang” full video *Bluray only
Road Fools 1 full video (digitally re-mastered) *Bluray only
Road Fools 2 full video *Bluray only
Transit issue 3 Jimmy interview *Bluray only
Props Issue 42 Metal Bikes road trip section *Bluray only
Props Issue 70 Metal Bikes road trip section *Bluray only

Bluray Features
1080p interactive motion menu featuring high res photo loop w/music
Full HD feature and bonus sections
SD bonus videos sourced from 1st gen digital masters
Chapter pop-up menus for main feature and full-length bonus videos
Hidden easter egg full-length video
Over 7 hours of high quality slow 2-pass H.264-encoded content (DVD 2 hours of SD MPEG2)


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