Federal FTS Book + DVD Bundle


After 2 years in the works, Federal's most anticipated chapter yet has arrived. FTS is a full-length video part featuring riding from Bruno Hoffman, Joe Jarvis, Antony Perrin, Dan Lacey and many more. Limited to only 500 copies, the Book + DVD Bundle will not be one to miss out on.

Section from an article on RideUKBMX:
FTS is a violently brilliant BMX video. Rich Forne has created something pretty bloody intense here, with incredible street riding shown off within a cleverly narrated context. For the most part, Forne gives us time to process the riding clips, with extra weight given where needed. Sometimes it’s good to have a barrage of ridiculous riding coming at you, but sometimes it’s nice to – literally – slow it down so we can appreciate the complexity of what’s happening. Forne manages this balance throughout FTS, crafting a cohesive viewing experience from what must have been an enormous amount of footage. But then again, we’re all quite used to seeing Rich Forne’s work, so we’re familiar with his style. Perhaps if this was the first time I’d seen a video by him it would be a different experience. In any case, FTS is a triumph, which is a good word to write after watching all those unsettling riot scenes. It’s something for BMX to be proud of.


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