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Custom Builds

Custom Wheels

Being the specialist BMX shop that we are, our knowledge and expertise make Alpha one of the best shops to go to when it comes custom builds, as well as other services we deliver. Every bike that leaves our workshop, will leave dialed and ready to roll. This is why our customers come back, they know that whatever it is, we have a way forward. We take care of every rider and every build is crafted with our passion for BMX at the forefront of our motivations.

"We're not here to charge you £40 an hour to change a tube, we're here to keep you rolling right" 



Custom Builds

From BSD street setups to S&M trail builds, our craft is your creation. 

All in 3 steps...

Find your parts

- Frames

- Forks

- Bars

- Seats -

- Stems -

- Sprockets -

- Cranks

We have the remaining parts (tyres, bearings, seatposts ect.), in store.

Come in-store or contact us (see this page) to arrange.


Get your Goods

 Placed your order and arranged a full list of parts?

Great, we'll either wait for the order to come in, otherwise, we'll get to work on your new bike.

Depending on the day, it shouldn't take us long.

Featured Build!

The BSD Safari meets the concrete jungle of our Staffordshire BMX scene. Coming in at a larger 21.8" TT, the frame shines a Surplus Green with white and orange detailing that ties in beautifully with the matching gum BSD Tires. Our most nature-themed build yet... 

Frame - BSD Safari - Reed Stark Signature 21.8" - Black (Call for Order)

Forks - Odyssey R32 - Chrome (Shop Now)

Bars - S&M Elevenz 11" - Black (Call for Special Order)

Stem - Shadow Odin - Polished (Shop Now)

Cranks - Federal Vice 24mm - Black (Shop Now)

Pedals - Cult Dak - Black (Call for Special Order)

Sprocket - Radio 47 25t - Polished (Current Unavailable

Tires - BSD Donnastreet 2.25" - Gum (In-store - Black)

Seat - Federal Logo Pivotal - White (Shop Federal: Pivotal | Stealth)



Custom Wheels

The Build 

Alpha's custom wheels builds are all master-built by Al Munger at Alphabmx, Al has been building BMX wheels since his mid-school riding days in the 90s and has built hundreds of sets of custom wheels for Alpha customers over the last decade and for pro riders such as Owain Clegg, Josh Roberts, as well as Alpha team rider and trails killer Sam Hooker, to name just a few. If you want a bombproof* set of BMX wheels then give us a call at Alphabmx and we can discuss your requirements to build your perfect wheelset.

*Please do not blow up your wheels with bombs.

Contact us at: 01782 262908.
Trust Munger's 35 years experience of BMX maintenance and customisation...


Wheels (Hubs, Rims ect.)

Spokes - In-Store

Contact us directly for custom orders, we can order all the main wheel brands such as Profile, Cult, Primo ect. Otherwise, we always keep stock of the most reliable and wallet-friendly hubs for those who aren't too fussed as long as it's rolling right.


Get your wheels right!

The wheel can be argued to be the most complex part of building a bike. This is because it has to be done perfectly. If the spokes are a millimeter or two longer than they should be, the quality and life of the build can be sliced in half. It's important that when you're getting a new wheel build, you're picking the right length spokes and nipples to match the specific hub + rim combo. 

To save you the work of finding the precise measurements and then going onto build it, which is a whole part of wheelbuilding itself that requires it's own explanation, we will build your wheels with whatever rim / hub / spoke combo that you want. Gsports rims with chrome spokes on a freecoaster? No problem. Stranger rims with black spokes on a cassette? Consider it done. Whatever configuration you want, we will achieve...



Latest Wheelbuild:

A build for a loyal customer. Came in with an improperly laced wheel on the rim shown above, as well as free coaster issues regarding the bearings. The driver and thrust bearing were replaced, along with new hub guards and cone nuts to freshen it up. It was then rebuilt with halo spokes and a fresh off-the-wall GSPORT Rollcage. Rolls perfectly and the coaster is now smoother than butter.