The Birth of the BMX Freestyle Movement 2nd Edition REDUCED WAS £49.99

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350 pages of BMX history, educate yourself about the origins of freestyle riding, from where it has been, to where it is now, this book takes you on a photo-filled journey through one of BMX's most important disciplines of the modern-day; freestyle...

In the early 1980s, BMX freestyle became a creative lightning rod for a generation of kids around the world. Through organized contests, magazines, and VHS tapes, the sport spread virally out of its birthplace in Southern California and into the broader territories of North America. Ambitious new brands scaled up to meet the escalating demand for bikes and accessories. Factory sponsored riders spent long summers on the road, taking the message to the youth of America in Chevy vans, towing giant wooden ramps. The formula was simple, effective, and uncomplicated. And it couldn’t be denied.

The pages of this book contain the spoken-word record of 109 individual contributors, each of who played a role in the origination of BMX Freestyle in the late 1970s, and 80s. This community of riders, journalists, photographers, and promoters brought the vision to life through their passion, ingenuity, and collective talents. They were more than just the founders of an alternative sport; they were essential to its direction, growth, and culture throughout this legendary first era. This story is the legacy of that community.