S&M Credence Bars


Clint Reynolds signature S&M Credence bars are the leading set of bars in BMX right now for all the trails roasters and bowl rippers, as well as anyone in/out and in-between. Coming in at 8.7" rise, they're a smaller bar that isn't too small to cause discomfort for us taller riders, but also not too big so that you have plenty room to go fast and pull up. We will warn you though, once you've bought them, you'll never want any other bar again...

Rise - 8.7″
Width - 29″
Upsweep - 3°
Backsweep - 11°
Cross Bar - 5/8″
Weight - 2.13 lb (.97 kg)
Material - 4130 Chromoly
Dual Radius Bends w/ large top bend to increase strength


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